Lexi Prefers Two Men

Cork, Ireland

Lexi was laying on the bed completely naked. Her boyfriend had just entered the room and was ready to get his fill of her, but her mind was in a completely different place. She had quite frequently mentioned how she would love to have a threesome with another man. Her boyfriend was not having any of it, it was clearly not his thing, but it was something she desperately wanted to try again. She hadn’t done it since she was in college and the idea of having each of her holes filled with an enormous cock made her very juicy between her thighs. She knew it wasn’t going to happen that night. She briefly mentioned a headache and rolled over to go to sleep.

In the morning when she woke she left him a note. Not her typical way of ending things, but she wanted to be fulfilled so much more sexually. Strangely enough, she already had two men who liked to play lined up, but she believed in calling off a relationship before moving on to another. These men were from back in her college days but had been begging her to come play with them again. She had shrugged them off for over a year while she was in a relationship with her boyfriend.

Maybe the fact that she was having lunch with them both motivated her or it was just strange timing, but either way she knew later that day she would be getting her fair share of both of them. They were even a little bit into each other which always excited her. The thought of two men kissing was so hot. They had never kissed before, but she loved to fantasize. She hadn’t actually seen them in a year and she wondered what they would think when she asked them back to her apartment.

After lunch was over she told them she wanted to show them something and the three carried on to her apartment. When they got inside she immediately bent over to pick up something on the floor and they caught each other’s eyes looking at her beautiful ass that popped right out of her mini skirt. Even better were her fat pussy lips that they could see from behind. It turned them on and what she hadn’t known is that the two of them had started seeing each other to play around every now and then. As she turned around she saw that the two of them were kissing passionately and reaching down towards each other’s cocks while softly rubbing on each other.

This was beyond shocking to her and she wondered if it was the heat in the room that had turned them on. She felt it and she knew they felt it too. Before she knew it the taller one had bent her over and slipped himself inside of her from behind. The shorter fella went around front and shoved her head in between his legs so that his thick head spread open her mouth and he forced his cock in. She felt so close to cumming, and eventually she did. Lucky for her that was not the last time and then she decided she preferred to be with two men instead of one.

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